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Depression: signs and treatment

Depression is an illness that can cause emotional disbalance for quite a long period of time and worsen the quality of life affecting working and leisure activity, personal relationships, etc.

Depression is usually a result of some psychological trauma or very stressful event (such as the death of a parent or a spouse, dismissal, etc.), however, depression can occur without any visible reason.

It is important to know, that:

Typical symptoms of depression:

  • Melancholy, sadness, anxiety or irritation.

  • Sleep problems, interrupted sleep at night or too early awakening in the morning.

  • Loss of interest in work, food and sexual life.

  • Feelings of guilt, inferiority, helplessness and hopelessness as to future.

  • Concentration problems and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Weight loss, or conversely, weight gain.

  • Headaches, heartaches, backaches, etc. (without any physical reasons).

  • Obsession about one's health condition.

  • Thoughts of suicide and death.

Male depression

Male depression is often difficult to recognize. On the one hand, men reluctantly discuss their problems due to the widely spread opinion that speaking about your problems and inability to solve them characterizes a man as a weak person and, on the other hand, men often tend to hide their depression behind their aggression and violence or/and excessive alcohol intake.

Alcohol is not the only mean tried by men in order to relieve their depression or to mask it. They become thoroughly engrossed in work, indulge themselves in intensive sport activities or risk-related and extreme sports, become keen on gambling - these might be the signs of male depression.

Typical symptoms of male depression:

  • Decreasing of the stress tolerance ability.

  • Decision-making problems and uncertainness.

  • Aggressive and violent behavior.

  • Excessive alcohol intake and alcohol problems.

  • “Burnout syndrome”.

  • Impulsive behavior.

  • Indulging in extreme sports, deliberate excessive physical activity.

  • Thoughts of suicide and death.

Depression treatment

Depression could be more effectively treated than any other psychical disorders. About 80% of patients, who were treated adequately, totally recovered from their depression. Here is the list of medications which can help you to recover from depression.

There are different psychotherapy methods used for depression treatment:

  • Antidepressants therapy, with such antidepressants as : Asendin - $1.64 per pill. Loxitane - $1.17 per pill. Prozac - $0.52 per pill

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Psychoanalysis.

  • Gestalt therapy, humanistic therapy, etc.

  • Psychological consulting.

Many researchers admit the efficiency of psychotherapy in combination with medication treatment (psycho-pharmacotherapy)

Antidepressants are also effective in depression treatment, online drugstore to purchase antidepressants - Anti-Depressant ON-LINE

It is important to know that:
  • Antidepressant treatment won't cause addiction to this kind of medications.

  • The results of antidepressant treatment usually become visible in two or three weeks, however, even in a few days after you've been started on antidepressants you may start to feel better. We recommend - Asendin

  • Antidepressants don’t have such side effects as accommodation disorder, dysuria, cardiotoxicity, gain in weight, etc. Sometimes, patients may feel nausea, hyperhidrosis and sleepiness that usually wear off in the first two weeks of treatment.

  • For a long-lasting effect the patients must stay on their antidepressant medications in most cases not less than 4-6 months.

  • In cases of depression recurrence or suicide attempts, longer-lasting course of treatment might be necessary.

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